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Colorotopia is a private, innovative and cozy art studio located at Yonge and Finch. We offer a variety of classes to students of all ages. Whether it be professional portfolio building, adult classes or after-school engagement for your kids, the educational services are endless. Established in 2003, Colorotoipa has been a place where you can learn drawing techniques,  gain a further understanding of colour theory and composition basics, or just develop your creativity. 


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Our Instructors

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What do I need to bring to class?

All materials are usually included in the class unless stated otherwise, so there's no need to bring anything! Although we provide aprons, there is still chance to mess up your clothes (especially sleeves).  Wear a shirt you don't mind getting paint on!

What is your teaching method?

We have various methods of teaching at Colorotopia that is adjusted per the student's own needs. There's merit of all methods, whether it is tracing from an image, going wild with imagination, or disciplining good technique, a balance is required to develop both conceptual and technical skills to successfully convey your most creative wild ideas. 

Is there a trial class?

At Colorotopia we understand children may or may not like anything they encounter, making it really difficult for parents to enroll them into classes for anything. Give us a call if you require a trial class and consultation and try out a class that fits your child the best first, before you register for the season. 

Are there penalties to missing a class?

To ensure everyone has a comfortable experience at colorotopia we have a strict absence policy. You can check it out on our registration page. 

I want to enroll but none of the times fit my schedule

If none of our options work for your busy schedule, don’t fret! Just send us an email, and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.


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We love our students, feel free to give us a call!